Friday, March 14, 2008

David Lost a Tooth!

David had been wiggling his lower left tooth for months it seemed- and finally last Saturday afternoon it came out! He was very non-chalant about the whole ordeal, "It just came out, Mommy." After a lost tooth mishap (it stuck to his pillowcase while he was deciding where to leave it for the tooth fairy), he safely placed his tooth under his pillow in a container from the dentist. The tooth fairy brought him a "Golden Quarter" (really a Sacajawea dollar).
What a milestone!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back in Action

Today was a first...

Miraculously, both of our children were out with friends at the same time, and the weather was as gorgeous as it gets in March in Alaska- blue sky, mid 30's and sunny.

Steve and I decided to go for a run together- spontaneously- and it felt like it did 10 years ago! WOW! We just took off, neither of us planned a thing- no kid activities, no snacks to pack, no strollers to push... incredible! We had so much fun reminiscing about our early married years when moments like this did not feel like a luxury... this definitely needs to be re-incorporated into our life!