Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Sound of Music

Did you watch this classic on TV tonite? We happened to flip it on right at the "Do Re Mi" through Salzburg, and I couldn't help myself but to blog my first memeory of this wonderful movie. (It is my all time favorite!) I was about 6 years old, and had some version of the stomach flu. My mom let me stay up late to watch this movie while I sipped 7-Up and she ironed. I remember having to run to the bathroom right at the wedding part! I was devastated! The next day my mom asked me about the movie, and she was amazed that I remembered the entire thing- love at first sight! She pulled out the record album soundtrack, and from there I began my repetoire (sp?) of Sound of Music favorites. I still know all of the words- and now Abby does too! Are you a Sound of Music fan? What's your favorite song? Did you dance around the couches in your living room as a girl pretending they were the gazebo? :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Half-Marathon Complete!

After walk-jogging at the Wasilla Sports Complex last winter, jog-running at the Alcantra Trails this summer, and actually running the streets of Wasilla and Palmer this fall, Stacy and I finally finished the Long Beach Half Marathon on October 12! Woo Hoo! We had a so much fun running with 18,000 people, celebrated our muscles and their soreness, and got to hang out in the sunshine with girlfriends for 3 days! Both of us plan to repeat the same race next year, only with a new and improved race time! :-)

Friends in the picture: (pictures soon- tech. difficulty!)
Seattle Pam with Baby Cate

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eleven Years of "I Do..."

Our 11th anniversary came this past September 27. For the first time ever, we flew to Seattle without kids and lived it up! We spent the first night in the swanky Woodmark Hotel on Carillon Point in Kirkland, and woke up the next morning to beautiful Seattle weather. Off to the Mariners game we went with Steve's brother, Grant and his wife, Natalie. The baseball tickets were our Christmas gift from N and G - thank you! I still am not sure which was more anticipated by Steve- the Mariners game or a weekend away with his wife! :-) We ended our day with shopping at one of my favorite spots, University Village, and a fun sushi-on-the-conveyor-belt dinners. After a night with N and G, we had brunch and jetted back home! Refreshing, relaxing, and such a reminder of life before kids! Eleven years is a relatively short marriage in the big picture, Steve tells me. I'm grateful for every minute with my true love, Steve Novak!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So much fun with our friends over Labor Day Weekend!

*We drove to Girdwood in a boys' van and a girls' van, along with a Starbucks stop. :-)
*We saw tons of Beluga whales playing around in Cook Inlet.
*We found a fun playground to let off some pent-up riding in the van energy.
*We had a yummy dinner at Chair Five Pizza.
*We swam and played in the pool.
*We slept, yes all 10 of us, in a hotel room at Alyeska.
*We had breakfast at The Bake Shop.
*We hiked the Winner Creek Trail and rode the hand tram.
*We panned for gold in the rain at Crow Creek Mine. (Plan this one into next summer's family outings- wow- lots of fun- could be an all day adventure!)
*We drove home with soaked-happy-exhausted kids sacked out in the back seat!
Thanks for a great weekend, Bacons!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alaska State Fair

We made the annual trek to the fair this past August. Steve and the kids brought Grandma Debby (Steve's mom) along for the rides (Steve and Abby got stuck on the Ferris Wheel for a few minutes), and I met them afterschool at the Lumberjack show. After lots of fair snacks and booth visiting, we enjoyed the petting zoo and hula hoop pitstop. We also won $2 at the Rat Race, watched the stunt dogs, and saw lots of 4-H animals and vegetables. Abby and David both won stuffed animals, and chose a HUGE lollipop as their treat.

First Day of School

David, our first-grader!!! Wow! He has the same teacher, Mrs. Haralson, and is now an "older" in the K-1 classroom. He is adjusting well to his longer school day, and loves playing at recess with his buddies from last year!

Abby started preschool this morning. She'll go two mornings a week. After a shy start, she had a great time- and even told me at lunch that next time she's ready to come to preschool all by herself!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Remembering this Sunday 2007

One year ago today I sat in church with my mom for the very last time. Today was a very emotional worship service for me... to say the least. This weekend was the weekend my mom flew up last year to spend some time with us, to enjoy the fair with us, to see David off to kindergarten, and to say good-bye. I've been reminiscing all week about my experience at this time last year. Today in church though, I just had such a feeling of empathy for my mom's experience on this Sunday last year. She really wanted to go to church, although I had thought she wouldn't want to for several reasons. She had been so sick in the night, and she was so tired and weak. She couldn't stand for the singing, and when the worship team led us in "Amazing Grace," I sat down with my mom and held her hand as she wept. And I wept. And I'm weeping right now... Today I finally was able to wonder how what my mom must have felt as the words to the hymn and the workings in her heart affected her. The joy of what was to come, but the fear of the unknown, or even her life flashing before her- what were her feelings? She was so private about her faith. I am assured that she is experiencing that "Amazing Grace" without looking back. I feel so blessed to have had a connection with my mom through our faith, and to have been included in her closure this Sunday in 2007.

These are some memorable pictures of this weekend in 2007. I have enlarged each of these photos, and now have them hanging in our stairwell. I love seeing her smile, and recalling the warmth of her visit last year. We were honored to have her. I love you, Mom.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our big trip with my dad was a day trip to Cordova on Prince William Sound. This town is only accessible by plane or boat, and is mostly a fishing community. My dad, who is quite interested in history, wanted to see the Million Dollar Bridge that his maternal grandfather helped build in the early 1900s. We flew ERA to Cordova yesterday morning, and drove a rental car 35 miles to the bridge.

We also visited Child's Glacier, which calves ice regularly. We all hollered at the top of our lungs, "ICEBERG!!!" over and over again, and whether we caused it or not, the kids believed they knocked down a big chunk of ice into the water. Lots of fun!

The remainder of the day was a tour through the town- gift shops, museum, fishing docks, and the beach. My dad had stopped here while fishing in 1961, and was reminiscing with some of the locals about how the town used to look. We ended the evening with a dinner in the sunshine on the deck of a nice restaurant overlooking the harbor.

Our wildlife tally for the day was: 3 swans, more than 10 beaver houses, 2 moose, a squirrel, 2 mice, many seals, an otter, a halibut carcass, and more minnows than we could count.

Hey Brother, you won't believe this one!

Check out my dad!!! :-) What a good sport! We have had a fun week with my dad visiting. He is napping on our couch right now, after an action-packed few days. Thanks for the trampoline, Dad- we LOVE it! I can't wait til the kids go to bed- then it's my turn!!!

T Ball Superstar

David gave t-ball a try this summer! He made a great first baseman, and could really slug the ball! Way to go, David!

Hiking the Butte with Friends

We tried once, and it rained buckets... this is our successful hike of the Butte with our friends Caleb, Luke, Baby Eli, and Amber (my friend and job-share partner). These mommas were proud to brave a hike with 5 kids aged 6 and under up the slippery Butte in Palmer on Memorial Day. We had a blast directing foot traffic, dodging paintballs, doling out motivational snacks, and administering first aid. A great way to spend a summer day! :-) You can see the Matanuska Glacier and River in the views below the kids.

Hello Summer!

Bring on the sun! This was our first lunch in the backyard! Woo Hoo! David didn't want his legs to get sun-burned after such a long winter...

Happy Graduation

Congratulations to our youth group kids! I know we didn't catch you all on film, but we are so proud of all of you! "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Happy Birthday, David!

We celebrated as a family on May 6th. Our birthday boy's menu for dinner was Dino Chicken nuggets, all the colors of peppers, and blue jello. David chose carrot cake (but had never tasted it!)- "the one with the little orange frosting carrots, Mom." He was so happy to have a Star Wars Lego theme! His party was the first one ever to be "boys only." He had 5 friends come over afterschool on Friday to have a Lego Star Wars themed party and pizza for dinner. Lots of fun!

Alaska Zoo Run

The kids participated in the Alaska Zoo Fun Run back in May- lots of fun running with the wolves and Musk Ox (they stayed in their habitats, of course!). Abby and I ran together- she got a little nervous going alone (as you can see in the photo taken right before the start of the race!). David met us at the finish line! Fun and tshirts for all! We're thinking of making this an annual event for the kids- a great way to encourage exercise and see the zoo together!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chocolate Moose for Breakfast

We had a guest for breakfast last week! The first moose we've seen in the yard all year. He or she ate the new buds from a fallen pussy-willow tree in our sideyard. The soggy ground was perfect for the moose to leave deep hoofprints in our lawn. It left a trail from the backyard to the road. The coolest part was opening the hall window to hear it chew, and watch it kneel down and crawl to get the good stuff. This was an important reminder to be safe in our Alaskan backyard!

Musk Ox Farm

David's K-1 class took a field trip to the Musk Ox Farm last week. Lots of fun and learning! The musk ox is related to the sheep- not the buffalo! The females live much longer than the males- their head-butting habit shortens their lifespan! The long brown hair of the musk ox is not the quiviut (sp?) that is gathered for knitting- the brown shaggy hair protects from cold and MOSQUITOES! In another week, I'll be wishing for some of that!

And yes, it was my son that raised his hand to ask, "When can we leave this place and go to the park?" :-) We finished up the trip at the A-Moosement Park in Palmer.