Sunday, August 24, 2008

Remembering this Sunday 2007

One year ago today I sat in church with my mom for the very last time. Today was a very emotional worship service for me... to say the least. This weekend was the weekend my mom flew up last year to spend some time with us, to enjoy the fair with us, to see David off to kindergarten, and to say good-bye. I've been reminiscing all week about my experience at this time last year. Today in church though, I just had such a feeling of empathy for my mom's experience on this Sunday last year. She really wanted to go to church, although I had thought she wouldn't want to for several reasons. She had been so sick in the night, and she was so tired and weak. She couldn't stand for the singing, and when the worship team led us in "Amazing Grace," I sat down with my mom and held her hand as she wept. And I wept. And I'm weeping right now... Today I finally was able to wonder how what my mom must have felt as the words to the hymn and the workings in her heart affected her. The joy of what was to come, but the fear of the unknown, or even her life flashing before her- what were her feelings? She was so private about her faith. I am assured that she is experiencing that "Amazing Grace" without looking back. I feel so blessed to have had a connection with my mom through our faith, and to have been included in her closure this Sunday in 2007.

These are some memorable pictures of this weekend in 2007. I have enlarged each of these photos, and now have them hanging in our stairwell. I love seeing her smile, and recalling the warmth of her visit last year. We were honored to have her. I love you, Mom.