Thursday, March 26, 2009

David is the Pinewood Derby Champion!!!

Our Tiger Cub Scout has won the Tiger Cub Division of the Pinewood Derby for Pack 360! Woo Hoo! Could it be the cool car design with the black paint and gold shimmery stripe? Could it be that he sanded it and carved it with his new pocket knife? Could it be that he prayed every night for a week that he would win? Could it be that Steve researched ancient Pinewood Derby secrets on the internet? I don't know, but the combination worked! David came home with a whopper of a trophy, and an even bigger smile! His car had to be confiscated until the final race-off at the Scout-a-rama next month- we wouldn't want to send it home with a chance for modifications.... In the photos, David's car is painted black with a gold stripe running down the middle of the car. Go, David, Go!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Iditarod Fun

A close up of Lance Mackey's dogs.

A photo of the winning team: it's Lance Mackey, 2009 Iditarod winner! Way to go, Lance!

A team in action! For all of you in the lower 48, this race is thriling to watch! The dogs are so happy and you get to be right there!

Climbing trees between mushers. Tree climbing is David's latest favorite outdoor activity.

David petting the "display" dogs at the Campbell Creek Science Center. This was the best place to view the race- no fences, woods to play in, and hot chocolate and bathrooms in the science center building. The kids loved the trivia games and Iditarod history dislays there too. David won an Iditarod trail marker, and Abby won a poster.

Abby waiting for a high five from musher 27 (not sure who it is). She was tossed a dog booty for her dedication to cheering on the mushers and giving high fives!

Playing on the train. (While I waited in line for the dog sled rides!) What a beautiful day!

Fur Rondy Snow Sculptures in Anchorage, followed by hot chocolate. We skipped the carnival rides, and went for a dog sled ride instead to keep with our Iditarod theme!
The dog sled ride around the Park Strip was so fun. David was in tears when he found out he couldn't be the musher. The smile gives it away, he had a great ride afterall!

Abby has a dream come true! When she was little, she wanted to ride in a kangaroo's pouch, this is as close as she'll get in Alaska!

Family Skiing

Skiing together on Valentine's Day weekend- what a sweet date! We kept a steady speed for a couple of hours (if you have kids, you can relate to how rare this is!), we saw a porcupine up close, and we both had a major wipe-out! Tons of fun! Thanks for keeping the kids, Grandma Debby and Roland! We topped it off with dinner and a movie at the Bear's Tooth.

A beautiful afternoon on the Gold Mint Trail in Hatcher's Pass. The best part of skiing is always the hot chocolate break! :-) The kids have gotten really good on their skis, and they love it! A pocketful of M&Ms, and toe warmers in the boots- I think we're up to 2.5 miles now! We even found a snow fort on the trail!

The first ski of the year was in the yard back in November. It was obvious then that Abby needed to wear David's skis, and he needed an upgrade. They grow so fast! They love to make trails through the woods and obstacle courses in the yard to challenge one another with. David is a daredevil, and Abby is slow and steady. We're so proud of our skiiers!