Wednesday, February 4, 2009

8th picture, I only have 1 folder!!!

Here are the 8th pictures in my new and old camera folders...
The first one is David's first bath at home in the kitchen sink in May of 2002. The other is the new camera folder, and it's David taking the picture of Abby. We bought a new camera with our garage sale money last June, and the kids were very entertained y playing photographer. They took over 100 pictures the first afternoon! (yes, I do know how to delete photos on my camers, I just figured that out this fall when the memory card was full! See my confession below to know why it took so long!)

Okay, time to confess... I have one gigantic folder for all of my pictures. Not being the tech-type, I avoid playing with the computer, my camera, my ipod, my cell phone- pretty much anything that I don't already know how to do! I'm learning how much easier my life would be if I'd take advantage of all of the organizational features and special tricks in each of these items. My teaching partner, Amber, is always giving me new hints to use at school, and well, I still use post-it notes and write on a calendar and in the lesson plan book instead of utilizing the quick, 1-stop tools that she figures out! I used to scoff at my parents for not beng able to program that very first VCR back in the Dark Ages, well look at me now... :-)