Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So much fun with our friends over Labor Day Weekend!

*We drove to Girdwood in a boys' van and a girls' van, along with a Starbucks stop. :-)
*We saw tons of Beluga whales playing around in Cook Inlet.
*We found a fun playground to let off some pent-up riding in the van energy.
*We had a yummy dinner at Chair Five Pizza.
*We swam and played in the pool.
*We slept, yes all 10 of us, in a hotel room at Alyeska.
*We had breakfast at The Bake Shop.
*We hiked the Winner Creek Trail and rode the hand tram.
*We panned for gold in the rain at Crow Creek Mine. (Plan this one into next summer's family outings- wow- lots of fun- could be an all day adventure!)
*We drove home with soaked-happy-exhausted kids sacked out in the back seat!
Thanks for a great weekend, Bacons!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alaska State Fair

We made the annual trek to the fair this past August. Steve and the kids brought Grandma Debby (Steve's mom) along for the rides (Steve and Abby got stuck on the Ferris Wheel for a few minutes), and I met them afterschool at the Lumberjack show. After lots of fair snacks and booth visiting, we enjoyed the petting zoo and hula hoop pitstop. We also won $2 at the Rat Race, watched the stunt dogs, and saw lots of 4-H animals and vegetables. Abby and David both won stuffed animals, and chose a HUGE lollipop as their treat.

First Day of School

David, our first-grader!!! Wow! He has the same teacher, Mrs. Haralson, and is now an "older" in the K-1 classroom. He is adjusting well to his longer school day, and loves playing at recess with his buddies from last year!

Abby started preschool this morning. She'll go two mornings a week. After a shy start, she had a great time- and even told me at lunch that next time she's ready to come to preschool all by herself!