Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boy Extravaganza! Camp Carlquist

The Mosquito Knights! The theme of camp was Knights of Carlquist Court- so as you can see, most activities related to knighthood. Very fun!

Sword fighting on the playground duing free-time.
BB Guns, David's favorite.

The National Guard visited and let the Scouts try out the Hum-V.

Water Bombs and catapults!

Scooter Jousting.

Tying the Clover Hitch.

A friend sawing his shield.

Bows and arrows.

David and Steve spent last week at Camp Carlquist in Chugiak at Cub Scout Day Camp. I was fortunate enough to volunteer on Thursday (thanks Smiths, for having Abby over) and witness this incredible experience firsthand. Check out this list of activities: canoeing with NERF ball wars, Capture the Flag, catapults with water bombs, dodgeball, jousting on scooters, bb gun shooting, obstacle courses, skit performances, campfires and marchmallows, archery, knot tying, carpentry with saws, hiking, fire building, pocket knife safety, sword fights, crazy loud camp songs, hmmm... what am I missing... the list of jam-packed, super-organized, 100% boy acitivities goes on and on! This week at camp sold David and the rest of his den on staying overnight next year. He came home each night so tired and excited all at the same time... I am thrilled that my boy loves camp just as I did (well, and still do actually!).

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bacon lady said...

Now all of our kids want to go to Cub Scout camp!!! FUN! :)