Saturday, September 12, 2009

More Summer Fun

The Islands and Oceans center has such a wide variety of activities... we were there just in time for an open science lab focused on crustaceans. The kids made bookmarks, used microscopes, observed all kinds of crustaceans- dead and alive, and even experienced a touch tank. On hand were many summer interns who are working on their master's degrees in marine biology. It was so neat. We spent 5 hours looking at exhibits, taking the trail to the beach, watching films about scientists and how they research, attending the lab, and listening to a wildlife talk from a ranger. David took the camera for a while in the lab to record his favorites...
A starfish (or seastar as it is supposed to be called- we learned this) eating it's lunch.
Photo by David.
Steve on the beach.
Sea Otter poop. Another photo by David. This has been cleaned of course, but was a fascinating part of the lab. These are all mussel shells and crab parts... what do you think that sea otter had for dinner?
The Homer 4th of July Parade... wow... it was a candy-fest. I have never seen more candy distributed- the kids had more in their bags than 2 Halloweens combined. on bikes, all the fire trucks.

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Pam said...

Wow...that sounds like quite the place! We would love to go there!!! Seattle?