Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summer Continued

More of our Homer adventure...we visited this wonderful hidden treasure of a spot up on the hillside of Homer, The Win Nature Center. It took a map to get us there, but it was way worth it! We had a chance to talk with two naturalists about the wildflowers of the area, and then we went on a partillay guided, partially self-guided 2 mile hike with wildflower identification charts. Abby and I were very pre-occupied finding and photgraphing every type of wildflower. We got over 20 kinds! The entire hiking trail was marked with interesting notations about moose tracks and trails, fire information, and just general info about the flora and fauna. Another great thing about the Win Nature Center is that they are connected with schools and other groups interested in tours, like Girl Scouts, etc. As we were leaving one of the naturalists was setting up a GPS scavenger hunt for a Girl Scout group coming in later that afternoon. I think it is neat to discover this kind of place to tuck in my memory as a resource for later. This one was a keeper! The most interesting fact I can recall is about the stinky smell of the beautiful chocolate lily pictured below. The smell is meant to smell like rotting moose carcass to attract the flies who can pollinate the lily. What an awesome and creative God we have!

This Sand-Hill Crane was wandering in a neighborhood we drove through

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Spakouskys said...

Love all the new pictures! So sweet and wonderful to hear about all the wonderful adventures of my Alaskan buddies! Miss you!